Friday, May 11, 2007

Handesome men working in our yard. Look there is Sienna's swing.

wrong baby... still cute though

Awaiting the princess.

Love living in this place in the spring.

the cowley gardens

Monday, May 07, 2007

Beautiful spring blossoms

More spring blossoms... Mom N, Corrina, Ruth, and Naomi!!
Well first of all it has been a long time since I have updated this blogsite. What I want you to know about is face book much handier although this is good too. Sign up on it and really keep up to date with us and our family. You may meet people from way back when on this communication tool. please consider it. It is fun and interesting and much quicker to update and keep up with. Don't be an old fuddy duddy keep up with the times and enjoy learning.

Monday, April 02, 2007

This is out new family. Actually this is the winning team of the scavenger hunt.
Here is the other team.
Here is part of the scavenger hunt -- at the corner grocery-- a reminder of where the kids used to get a treat once in a while.
At grandma Nettleton's house for cookies....
Running to get into the vehicle, after someone moving it on us .. but then we had tryed to block them in by parking behind them.
Elizabeth took it upon herself to do a Scavenger hunt for Phil's bday. PHil used to make them for he kids on their bdays, Well to say the least it was an adventure.This was Elizabeth's 2cnd one of the weekend. You will have to look at their blog site for the other one.
We had two teams. We were a little competative, and we did cheat quite a bit, but all in all it was fun. I was on the winning team. With in the 1st minute the dog almost got run over by two cars, we finally got her back in the yard and continued on with our game.
This was great we all got to have our piece of cake before he revived. Hee hee!! That't what you get for having your bday on April 1st.
This is still Phil blowing out his bday candles Look at the smoke. Love Brian's camera it is amazing for picking up all the details.
This is Phil blowing out his candles....
Here is a picture of course with PHil having his bday cake. Strawberry shortcake. I know it is a very simplistic loooking cake. I am not a decorater I only bake. It was good. It is gone. We had a great weekend.
Well I am so excited to be putting some blog updates for this past weekend. All the crew was were home except for Gavin and we missed him greatly. Here is grandpa with his precious little grand child. Isn't that sweet.

Here she is peeking over her mother's shoulder. She also has whipping cream on her lips. We tried apple sauce on her too. She really only likes mashed banana, red licorice, and ice cream. All the healthy things.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

We went to see Uncle Dave on the spring break. Elizabeth, Brian, and Sienna came too.
Uncle Dave was soooo happy to see Sienna his Great niece, and he is a "great" uncle.
Well here is out avid little reader. she loves the bright colors and wants to eat the book.

Isen't Sienna cute!! We saw her at spring break. She is such a good baby.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Here is the table set for one of the perogy casserole lunch at R & G's. I loved working around their little place.
Here is Rebekah's reading corner. Also here is a touch of spring birdies that I left for them. Thanks for the great time at your placeRebekah and Gavin.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

This is next door to the Briscos. Loved the little snow drops which turned into real snow flakes for a couple of the days that I was visiting. These snow drops were so profuse I had never seen so many. It covered the whole lawn.
The Gavinator alias Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. For Luke's bday party. Everyone had to dress as something with the letter T. Rebekah and I went as twins. It was fun!!
this is how rebekah and Gavin spend their lunch hours. A couch a piece. I enjoyed making some lunches for them.
Well I spent the last week with Rebekah and Gavin. It was a wonderful relaxing time. They are doing great, one of the biggest shocks was Rebekah's locks. She looks cute!! Her curls are coming.
We had a fun outing to VV boutique. Gav loved this tshirt and jacket. Great prices.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Here is the quilt I finally finished for Sienna for Valentine's Day. Love the little eyes and the animal characters. I hope she enjoys it too. She has the most of my quilts , she got a lot of my beginner quilts. I am still timid about giving them to any one else but family.
Grandpa and Sienna just before Valentine's Day too. Grandma had a cold, so I did not want to be in any pics. She got held by all of us that day. Love seeing how she is growing. She chuckled at her grandpa that day. She is so cute!! Grandpa is too.
Here is Great Gramma with little Sienna just before Valentines Day. Aren't they sweet.

Her is the cutest little grand daughter ever!!

Here she is peeking at us with mommy.
Her is our one exchange student who was with us from Brazil. A german-brazilian. Camilla. She stayes from Sept to January. A true blonde.

Her is our new exchange student from Germany. A real little german. Very shy and everything is so new to her. Her name is Carolin.
Hey here is my Christmas present from my ever loving husband. He sweat and saved and worked his butt of so that I could have this Infrared Sauna to sweat and work my fanny off and also ease my muscles, and the like. I love it I sit in it for usually 45 or more minutes a day and enjoy the marvelous heat up to 135 or more degrees F. It is wonderful and so is my husband. I only need to walk in the little room and see this and think how good he is to me.
Thank you for this wonderful gift Phil!! You are the best.

Finally this blog thing is doing what I wish it to do. I could just scream it is so easy once you do it but before it seems impossible. Anyways here is the patient who as I said previously is no longer a patient but back at things in general.